Kidney Transplantation Complications Research Center
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences





General purpose: contributing to the development of medical knowledge in the field of kidney transplantation and efforts to reduce the complications of renal transplantation

Specific objectives:

  • Development of human knowledge in the prevention and treatment of complications of renal transplantation
  • Enhance the quality of life in patients with kidney transplant
  • Research Center of the University of complications of renal transplantation by the end of the first half of 1392
  • Communicate actively with other research centers in at least one joint research project in the second year
  • Communicating with international research centers, especially Iranians residing abroad and using their scientific capabilities
  • Trained professionals in the field of kidney transplant complications (PhD Research)
  • Seminars and workshops for nurses to be familiar with the effects of kidney transplant
  • Short-term training courses to know before transplantation in patients with end stage renal failure and renal transplant complications.
  • Prioritize, conduct, facilitate and monitor research projects related
  • Research priorities developed complications of renal transplantation in the first half of 1392
  • Providing a database of research done so far on the kidney transplant at the University
  • Undertaking a needs assessment in relation to the applied research necessary


Practical purposes:

  • Development of qualitative and quantitative research on kidney transplant
  • New drugs needed kidney transplant patients with National Base
  • Development-related research stem cells transplant in order to mitigate
  • Improved management of complications of renal transplantation on the basis of academic standards
  • Longevity of grafts performed
  • Help increase the quality of life in patients after renal transplantation in the cultural, social, and economic and health

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