Kidney Transplantation Complications Research Center
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences





Transplants in patients with organ failure, measure and improve the quality of life of patients is one of the most dynamic and practical achievements of medicine in the world and the most important signs of improving medical knowledge and medical centers can be considered scientific and technical capabilities. Kidney transplantation is presented in a tertiary health services (rehabilitation), to patients who have kidney failure.

There are 32 kidney transplant centers in Iran. Organ donation from brain-dead donors and 771 kidney transplants from brain-dead donors in 2011 have been done in the country, and till now 31,949 kidney transplants have been performed. However, despite all these efforts are currently about 36,700 patients in the country are suffering from kidney failure.

We have about a thousand people on the waiting list for kidney transplants from brain-dead donors in the geographical center of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences.

According to statistics, in 2010, 73% of recipients of kidney transplant center from the donor brain death and 20% of residents living in Khorasan Razavi were the northern and southern. The medical tourism industry is also having the same nationality between donor and recipient, Mashhad University welcomes patients to neighboring countries as well.
According to the latest statistics presented in the seminar on May 7th, 2012 by Dr. Aghighi head transplants and transplant-specific diseases, Ministry of Health and Medical Education Ministry policy, the development of kidney donation (and others) are based from brain death donors. He had a lot of emphasis on studies of kidney transplant survival. Despite the efforts of faculty members, research needs, and especially applied research is clearly discernible. So we decided to set up a research center established with the aim of organizing a kidney transplant complications and management of research projects related to kidney transplantation, basic research projects to explore and invent new methods to replace all disabled and applied research in order to better benefit from the highest quality of life after transplant renal transplantation purposes and quality improvement needs to take an effective step.
A letter was sent with attachments necessary documentation to the Research Council of University Research Council and was approved on May 24th, 2012 and documents has been sent to be presented at the Open University of Medical Sciences.
The meeting discussed and approved by the Commission dated June 29th, 2012 was the first evidence for final approval after completing and correcting deficiencies in the monitoring, evaluation and expansion of Medical Research Council submitted by the two hundred and twentieth meeting dated Oct 30th, 2012 and was approved.

Presidential administration center are a founding member, central council members, members of the Centre is a specialist. We hoped that with the help of God and colleague’s efforts expand the spread of working in our center and improve the quality and quantity of the transplanted kidney transplant patients in our community needs.


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